Dretakis Michalis, Nikos Probonas, Kostas Papaconstantinou, Theodoros Kominos and George Handrinos

Since the publication of “The Birds of Greece” in 1997, several species new to Greece have been recorded, the status of others has been changed and more taxonomic findings have been proposed and recognised internationally. Therefore, the need for a new, updated, official catalogue of the birds of Greece is more than obvious.

During the last years since its establishment, in 2004, the “Hellenic Rarities Committee” has been actively working in preparing such a catalogue with all the species and subspecies of birds recorded in Greece and its territorial waters, and clarifying their current status.

The current catalogue presented here lists 442 species, belonging to 208 genera and 66 families. For 4 of these species there are no recent records whereas 2 introduced species seem to have established populations in the wild.

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A Checklist of the Birds of Greece Pavlos

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