An innovative programme that combines learning among the elderly and the youth (intergenerational), through games using Information and Communication Technologies tools, is implemented by the Hellenic Ornithological Society. The program is called INVOLEN (Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers) and aims at training volunteers for the protection of nature in 5 European countries (Greece, Italy, France, Hungary and Slovenia).

The INVOLEN brings together two different age groups, teenagers and older people (over 55 years old), encouraging them to participate in voluntary activities, aiming at the protection and the preservation of the European ecological heritage, focusing on Natura 2000 areas. Specifically, seniors and youths are invited to collaborate in groups and design their own interactive learning games for nature conservation in their area.

By bringing together two generations the program attempts to combine the skills, experience and knowledge of the seniors, with the dynamism, the energy and the enthusiasm of the young for the benefit of the protected areas. The learning experience is enhanced through “stories” told by the seniors about the little secrets of nature, myths, legends and practices of biodiversity management of earlier times, which are collected and used for educational purposes by the young via the internet.

The learning methodology INVOLEN introduces, used on a pilot basis, is designed to be implemented in schools, NGOs and adult education centers throughout Europe. Anybody interested in the INVOLEN methodology will be able to use it in the future to create their own learning game always aiming at the conservation of nature in a protected area.

For more information you can visit the official website of the program:

INVOLEN: Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers Pavlos

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