Hellenic Ornithological Society is using for the first time the method of crowd-funding in order to fund the campaign “A safe haven for wild birds” (LIFE+11 INF/IT/000253, Changing attitudes towards illegal hunting in the north Mediterranean) with a view to protecting the European biodiversity. It is an effort to inform and raise the awareness of general public in Greece and abroad taking advantage of the potential of new technologies and social media networks as a new form of environmental communication.

Specifically, from today and for the next 2 months (until July 7th) every visitor of the international platform indiegogo and of the following link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-safe-haven-for-wild-birds-changing-attitudes-towards-illegal-killing/x/2206667, has the chance and the ability to show their support to the campaign towards the illegal spring hunting on the Ionian islands.
Every spring wild birds make a tough journey of thousands of kilometers from Africa to Greece with almost no stops to sleep, rest, feed or drink. Unfortunately, a significant percentage does not make it to their destination due to exhaustion and starvation, while those that survive to land in the most beautiful stop over sites in Greece, the Ionian Islands, get shot and never reach Northern Europe in order to breed.
Although hunting during spring has been banned since 1985, Greece does not implement the law and deprive millions of migrating birds of their right to live.
It should be underlined that anybody, from all corners of the world, can financially contribute through indiegogo, thus crucially helping us implement the campaign. Indeed, even if somebody cannot afford the contribution, he/she can promote the campaign to his/her family, friends and social circle.
H.O.S. will dispose the amount of money raised by its supporters to local and national actions of information and raising public awareness.
For further information about this project visit our:
Campaign’s website: www.leavingisliving.org
Support the campaign against illegal hunting with just one click! https://ornithologiki.gr/images/nea/photo_news_balader.jpg Pavlos

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