The Hellenic Ornithological Society participated in a special event organized by the British Embassy on the 18th of June dedicated to voluntarism and civil society on the occasion of the national day of the United Kingdom for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth.

The event took place at the Embassy gardens, giving guests the opportunity to come into contact with non-governmental organizations characterized by their social and environmental sensibility.

The British ambassador, John Kitmer at the Information kiosk of HOS

The HOS scheduled workshops that showed participants how to construct wooden bird feeders and birdhouses. Through educational quizzes they were sensibilised and informed about the life of city birds, taking souvenirs, and informative material offered by the organisation.

It should be noted that the Hellenic Ornithological Society was founded in 1982 by volunteers, who until today are her primary strength. Every year hundreds of Greeks and foreigners support the actions of the organization, contributing substantially to the protection of birds, their habitats and wildlife throughout Greece.

Apart from HOS, Archelon, Boroume, Babyfeat and Sapt Hellas participated in the event with respective actions.

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Volunteering and civil society event at the British Embassy Pavlos

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