The HOS kiosk in Pothia (capital city of Kalymnos) had a successful season in its first year of operation as part of HOS"s Falco eleonorae project. It was inaugurated on July 13th and Irini Mailli - a native of Kalymnos - was there every day from 19:00 till 23:00, until September 15th. Her duties included:


  • Informing the locals as well as the tourists and the occasional climber about the Falco eleonorae project and the importance of the Greek islands for this rare and threatened species,
  • Liasing with the local Tourist Authority and professionals from the island"s tourist sector who organise boat tours of the islets around Kalymnos,
  • Giving out information material (leaflets) about the project, and
  • Training the project’s volunteers.

    A total of nine volunteers helped Irini with the everyday running of the kiosk, mainly pupils from the island"s secondary schools and also young volunteers from other parts of Greece.

Information kiosk in Kalymnos Pavlos

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